The Future of Our Schools

The Future of Our Schools

Did you notice it was election season?

One thing is certain. When it comes to elections, politicians like to talk about education and how important it is.

We know that in Fayette County. We all moved here because of the school system.

But in this election, do you want to vote for someone who just talks about education or someone who works hard everyday to improve our school system for all of our children?

In the past weeks I’ve

  • attended a seminar on school finance systems,
  • toured Burch, North Fayette, Bennett’s Mill, Cleveland and Spring Hill,
  • talked with the director of the Teacher’s Retirement System at the Retired Educators meeting,
  • met with school councils at Flat Rock and Braelinn,
  • seen all five of our high schools play football,
  • knocked on doors,
  • worked the book fair and the football concession stand,
  • and watched youth soccer and played chauffeur to countless practices and rehearsals.

And as I’ve talked with teachers, administrators, parents and students, it is obvious how the people in this county value education and our public school system.

We believe in the importance of public education and strong local leadership, but we have to get out and vote for what we believe in.

This morning I saw a piece of our potential future. I joined our Superintendent and staff for a demonstration of an online learning management system that provides computerized tools to enhance the interaction between teachers and learners. Such a system can help us ease teacher’s burdens, lighten backpacks, individualize learning, offer online classes, ease sharing of information between teachers, among other things. As the parent of a middle school boy, the prospect of fewer papers to lose is particularly appealing. 🙂

Then I went to Burch Elementary and saw a glimpse of how we might utilize technology to offer our students opportunities that would otherwise be unavailable. I saw the potential as fifth grade students skyped with Senator Isakson and got to interact and ask questions of our Senator as he sat in Washington.

We must continue to make sure our schools are providing world-class opportunities to all of our students. And the best way to do that is to elect leaders who believe in the power of public education and continue to push for what is good for children.

I need you to walk with me door to door so we can stress the importance of voting. I need you to call registered voters and make sure they know how important this election is. The future of our schools and our children are at stake.

Sign up here for a volunteer shift today. Rather work from home? Call 770-597-8671 or email Melissa right now to volunteer.

It doesn’t matter that I’m our only Board Member who sees the daily impact of our decisions on our children, or how hard I work, or how informed I am, or even how colorful our campaign shirts are, if people don’t vote.

You can make a difference. Sign up or call 770-597-8671 now.





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